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Puppy Training!!!

I am so excited I could just squeal!!! I got the big bright idea back in March to get my 4 yr old daughter a puppy for her birthday. Well, that’s not really the bad part. When I went to pick the puppy up, he had a single little brother left & I couldn’t stand to separate them….so I bought both of them! Oh, it was so exciting, (@ least for me & my 3 children…my husband failed to find a thrill in this endeavor somehow) new puppies…yay! And then I realized that I had opened up a huge can of worms & wasn’t real sure what to do with it. Two little adorable puppies make alot of adorable little pee & poop. And if you don’t already know, trying to work a full-time job (in a psychiatric hospital!), raise 3 kids (& a husband!) AND housebreak not 1, but 2 puppies….well, let’s just say it’s tough. Anyway, long story short, I went online desperate to find some sort of effective method to use. I found a website (  that promised I could easily get through this. I paid a small fee for the info & it turns out it was one of the best investments I’ve ever made!!!! It works, really works! My little Gus & Rascal do not potty on my floor anymore!!! Anyway, I have told everybody how great this info is & thought I’d share. It’s so hard to find REAL stuff anymore, but this was one of those rarities (thank goodness!!!).


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